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glTF Transform ( is open source, MIT-licensed software. 1000+ projects rely on glTF Transform to optimize and customize 3D asset pipelines. These users include independent developers, newsrooms, and several large organizations. Supporting the project and its users takes time, and I can't do that without your support.

Why subscribe? Your subscription ensures the sustainable maintenance and development of the glTF Transform library, allowing me to keep the project independent and open source. In return, you get a high-quality, maintained, updated library. In addition, you'll get benefits like direct support, and prioritized feature requests and bug reports.

Your subscription supports development and maintenance of glTF Transform, and keeps the library independent and open source. 10% of proceeds (after fees + taxes) are used to fund upstream open source projects on which glTF Transform depends.


Q. How is “glTF Transform Pro” different from “glTF Transform”?

A: glTF Transform Pro is a paid subscription around the glTF Transform open source library ( It is not an additional library, but provides access to individual support and prioritized bug reports.

Q: Can I try out glTF Transform without purchasing it?

A: Yes, you're free to use all features of the glTF Transform library, no subscription required. See the project website to get started.

Q: Is membership per-project, per-user, or per-organization?

A: One organization, one subscription. Additional subscriptions are not required.

Q: I need more details for my organization to subscribe.

A: Please contact me ( for more information. If your organization already uses GitHub sponsorships, feel free to sponsor me for the same subscription price, then send me an email and I'll set you up on the plan. If you're interested in a retainer arrangement or direct invoicing, please see my availability.

Q: What does the individual email support include?

A: With a Pro subscription, I can provide customized examples for your needs, answer questions about the project, and help keep your team on the right track. Support is limited to 1 hour per month.

Q: How will the funding from my subscription be used?

A: Funds from glTF Transform Pro subscriptions incur the following fees:

  • Credit card / Paypal processing fees (around 3.5%)
  • Gumroad platform fees (flat 10%)

After these fees and taxes, 10% of funds go toward support for upstream open source projects on which glTF Transform depends. Funding is weighted toward more critical dependencies, and the distribution is subject to change periodically.

The remaining >75% of funding goes directly toward development and maintenance of the glTF Transform open source library, allowing me to spend the time required for keeping the project healthy, fixing bugs, and building new features.

Q: What about [something not listed here]?

A: Please contact me ( with your questions. Thanks!


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$125 a month

glTF Transform Pro 💎